CodCad (2016)

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CodCad was an online platform that I co-founded in 2016 with two other students, Lucca and João, and our informatics teacher, Thiago. The platform had an exhaustive course on C++ for competitive programming, focusing in the Brazilian Olympiad in Informatics.

It was born as an initiative to ease the access to programming for middle and high school students. We had all participated in informatics competitions but there were very few schools in Brazil that offered programming classes, and we figured out the most impactful thing we could do was to develop an online platform.

The website had classes in text and video, problems with automatic grading, and a lot of features to gamify the learning process.

We reached more than 20,000 users and the platform was recommended by the Brazilian Olympiad in Informatics in its website. We were also one of the 15 finalists in the national phase of Microsoft Imagine Cup in 2017.

The platform was discontinued in 2019, but all the courses and exercises are maintained in NepsAcademy, a platform that Thiago later created.